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Meet our Expert Stylist

Neeliya Mendis

Neeliya, brings more than 25 years of experience to the field of bridal dressing and has the ability to showcase all her expertise in almost every bridal type, be it Western, Indian, Kandyan, Tamil or Muslim. Neeliya is a bridal dressing extraordinaire known for her talents and expertise when it comes to creating sensational bridal looks for every occasion.

However, when it comes to the bride herself, how she appears on her wedding day holds a great importance for her. Every bride wants to look astonishingly beautiful on her wedding day. Hence, an experienced make-up artist and bridal dresser play a crucial role in making or breaking the glorious wedding look of a bride.

Believe it or not, with Neeliya as your bridal dresser comes a greater value for money. Neeliya allows all her clients’ associates to relax and truly enjoy themselves. This allows your event planner to focus on other event matters instead of your appearance on the big day. The dressing process will not be a source of stress for the bride’s mother, nor the bridal party. In addition, your photographer will also experience Neeliya’s service as a blessing since it is a guarantee that every single strand of hair will be in place, that the train is placed just where it should be, and that every bridesmaid has her bouquet for the photos.

Neeliya is a Bridal “Architect” with a passion to make sure that all aspects of her clients’ are perfect. Her attention to detail, combined with her impeccable taste and personal style makes for an invaluable service that every bride should consider for her big day. She is authentically professional, adorable, and often comes with a bag of magic accessories for all of those last-minute mishaps which you never expect would happen.

What more, she was also member of the group of Beauticians that managed to put Sri Lanka ahead of all other nations in the world when it came to exhibiting “The most number of Brides in a Bridal Fashion Show.”

Neeliya Mendis

Bridal Services

Wedding is a momentous occasion in the life of every woman. It symbolizes the start of something new and the beginning of a different adventure. Everything in the wedding must be perfect, whether it is the venue or the selection of a meal menu. Here at Neeliya Mendis Salons, we offer the best bridal services available in Negombo.Our brides always leave feeling happy and content with their make-up looks, hair, and the style of their dressing.

Bridal Dressing

We will dress you up for that big “WOW!”

Brides will be dressed in a way that will leave everyone speechless. Neeliya and her assistants will help the bride when it comes to getting dressed for the wedding. The best bridal dressing in Negombo is done in our salon.

Hair & Make-up

It’s our biggest speciality! Therefore, we unleash your inner beauty in this area.

On the wedding day of the bride, her make-up will be immaculate and perfect. Our experts will create a make-up look that will be according to the preferences of the client. Moreover, our talented hairdressers will make sure that the hairstyle of the bride is flawless on her wedding day.

Dress Designing

Professional outfit designs exclusively by Neeliya, just for you . . .

Neeliya will present to the bride some skillfully designed and developed dresses that will not only be gorgeous but also comfortable. The bride will have the option of selecting from the many dress designs that will be presented before her, with the aid of Neeliya’s professional recommendation.

Bridal & Retinue outfits

Glorify yourself as well as your crew with the tremendous attire we set you up with.

Not only will we dress the bride in her ideal outfit, but her whole entourage as well. Whether it is the bride’s mother or the rest of the bride’s crew, our talented team will help dress them up as well. Here at our Salons, our experts are available at all times for your ease.

Bouquets & Headdresses

Flowers for added beauty. Splendid!

For that extra charm and exquisiteness, the added elegance of fragrant flowers is also provided by us. Whether it is for a decorative bouquet or a gorgeous headdress, we will provide the ideal set of flower accessories to you.


Book an appointment and meet Neeliya whenever you feel free.

All of your bridal needs are met here at Neeliya Mendis Salons. So go ahead and book an appointment with us for a consultation with Neeliya herself.


The most convenient way for you to make an appointment to meet Neeliya would be by contacting her over the phone.

The Salon is not open on Sundays and Public Holidays. However, you can make a prior reservation for an appointment to meet Neeliya & discuss about your wedding, even on these days.

Sorry, we do not present our charges over the phone. However, Neeliya will be more than happy to help you out if you come over to our salon after making a reservation. Neeliya would then be able provide you with a quotation and talk about all the other details you wish to clarify.

Nope, we do not provide any packages; we rather believe in allowing you to customize all the needs of your wedding according to your requirements which are based on individual prices.

No it’s not, but we highly encourage you to do this. If you require us to come to a place of your choice, we will consider that according to our availability. However, this service will add an extra charge to the final invoice.

You can tell Neeliya about what you have in mind and how you would want to look as a Bride. She will advise you about stuff like the colour for your saree and the type of material that will suit you best. This discussion will be free . . .

Of Course, you can! It is your day after all isn’t it? On your first appointment, Neeliya will ask you about your preferences for the dream wedding you have in mind and your ideas and expectations for being a bride. She will listen to you first and design what suits you best.

Paying an Advance fee would confirm a permanent booking for you. You can do this either through a cash payment or a payment through a bank.

We usually call you for the fit-on about three weeks before the wedding. Only one-fit on session can be held for each bride. The bride’s crew should come on the same date for their fit-on as well. Make sure to bring your shoes on this day.

The trial session would usually be held 2-3 days before the wedding. We will give you a specified date for the trial. You should bring all your shoes, jewelry, and the outfits you have finalized, when you come on this day.

Yes! We can get that done for you . . . Our talented assistants will carry out that job. Feel free to contact us about it for more details.

Yes, we can provide you with an assistant if you request for it. You will be able to make this request on your trial date. However, we will be charging extra for this service.

Yes she will !

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Other services

Hair & Beauty
Hair & Beauty Price
Hair Cut LKR 2,500
Hair Ironing LKR 2,500
Hair Colouring Starting From LKR 5,000
Relaxing Starting From LKR 6,000
Rebonding Starting From LKR 7,000
Conditioner Treatments LKR 3,000
Shampoo Blow Dry LKR 3,000
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Facials LKR 4,000
Waxing LKR 2,500
Threading LKR 1,500
Clean Up Starting From LKR 2,500
Manicure LKR 2,500
Pedicure LKR 3,000
Nail Art
Dressing Price
Hair Style / Make-Up / Saree LKR 7,000
Make-Up LKR 5,000
Hair Style LKR 2,500
hair Style & Make-up LKR 6,500
Roller Settings Starting From LKR 3,500



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